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LLANO  PARKS  PROJECT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in 2013 and built upon the dream of having a citizen-driven and supported group of like-minded individuals dedicated to improving parks and recreation within Llano County.



Our mission is to provide a long term commitment to the restoration and development of parks and recreation within Llano County.  We strive to maintain a working -relationship with local government and community in our efforts to finance, plan, and execute plans to provide safe, fun, and engaging outdoor enjoyment for the betterment of all ages. 


Our hope and vision is the development of our parks and recreation to a level that exceeds the traditional standards. We envision a day when we will become a destination spot for families and day trippers, providing high quality entertainment for all ages and of all types.



We believe building pride and increasing citizen interaction, strong parks and recreation areas are essential for promoting good health, tourism, reducing crime, and boosting the local economy.  We also believe that strong parks and recreation attractions not only are essential for child development but also play a crucial role in maintaining a strong family unit, strengthening the backbone of the community.

Julie Leverett


Shae Brown


Karalina Venable


Brittany Baker

Board Member

Rachel Corcorran

Board Member

Tania Quigley

Board Member


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